B. Green & Co. launches Web site


By Jenna Crisostomo

BALTIMORE, Md.-B. Green & Co., a family-owned and operated wholesale food company based here, launched its Web site, www.bgreenco.com, in April. The site features information on B. Green products, the company's two Food Depot Retail Supermarkets and more.

"My family's affiliation with B. Green goes back a long way," said Jeremy Diamond, consultant, The Diamond Group. "Our company, Food-A-Rama, partnered with B. Green to buy six stores from Penn Fruit in 1976. B. Green also supplied most of our 48 supermarkets until we sold them in 1985."

Gourmet News was unable to reach B. Green & Co. before press time.

Diamond noted that although B. Green is currently a smaller company, "smaller usually translates into better customer service and able to change faster to market conditions."

B. Green & Co. serves supermarkets, corner stores, convenience stores, specialty stores and more. The company carries groceries, a full line of foodservice items, beverages, bread, snack items, soda, water, fresh beef, pork and chicken, packaged meat, produce, milk, dairy items, frozen food, ice cream, health and beauty aids, non-foods, cigarettes, cigars and candy items.