Sonia Diamond, a'h, July 14, 1922 - January 2, 2015

Sonia Diamond's 91st birthday, with her birthday twin and great grandson Doniel, 2013

Sonia Diamond, a'h, July 14, 1922 - January 2, 2015

By Lara Diamond

Posted on 01/03/15

Sonia & Paul Diamond, 1950s

My grandmother, Sonia Baich Diamond, passed away last night--on the 21st yahrtzeit of her husband Paul. She was 92 1/2 years old. She was born in what is now Horochov, Ukraine (then Poland), survived the Holocaust, and immigrated to America. Her incredible story (based on an interview with her) through her arriving in America is below.

  1. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: Growing up in Horochov (1922-1935, part 1)
  2. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: Growing up in Horochov (1922-1935, part 2)
  3. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: Living in Shklyn and the Senkevychivka Ghetto (Part 3: 1936-1942)
  4. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: Senkevychivka Ghetto Destruction (Part 4: 1942)
  5. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: After the Senkevychivka Ghetto Destruction (Part 5: 1942-1943)
  6. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: Hiding in Plain Sight (Part 6: 1943-1944)
  7. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: The Ending of the War (Part 7: 1944-1945)
  8. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: Displaced Persons' Camps (Part 8: 1945-1947)
  9. Sonia Bajcz Diamond: Coming to America (Part 9: 1947-1948)

After coming to America, she and her husband Paul raised four children and had 15 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren--the youngest of which is only 2 weeks old.

Me with my grandparents, Miami Beach, 1980s?

With the help of family members already in America, they started a small business which grew into a large company of supermarkets (anyone remember Food-A-Rama and Super-Super?).

Diamond Family, 1991

My grandparents were involved in many different organizations, including Hadassah, Pioneer Women, AMIT, Suburban Orthodox, and tons more I'm sure I'm forgetting.

She loved hearing what I found out about the family--but always chastised me for finding more about all the branches other than hers (not that I haven't tried).

While valuing the family that she built in America, she never forgot those who were lost in Europe.
May her memory be a blessing.