What is Metro?
Combines high quality and service with low prices – targeted at busy shoppers. Emphasis on best selection of perishables in the marketplace. "Take Away Café" offers gourmet meals ready to heat and serve. Full service banks, pharmacies and 24 hour operations at many Metro locations.

Number of stores

Baltimore, Maryland

Size of stores
53,000 square feet

Dates back to 1940s Food-A-Rama chain. In 1985, SuperRite Foods of PA bought the 48-store chain, eventually changing the store names to Metro Food Markets. Richfood Holdings, Inc. acquired the Metro chain in 1995. Metro joined SUPERVALU’s retail line-up in 1999, with its acquisition of Richfood. These stores will transition to the Shoppers Food Warehouse format and banner during SUPERVALU's fiscal 2004.

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